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MPTselect Protein A G Affinity R esin

The recombinant Protein A/G fusion comprises a total of 7 IgG - binding domains EDABC - C2C3, which relates to the Protein A and Protein G domains that are contained in the recombinant sequence. The comprehensive Fc - binding properties of Protein A/G fusion make it a standard tool in the study and purification of immu noglobulins. Protein A/G fusion is an excellent tool for purification and detection of mouse monclonal antibodies from IgG subclasses without interference from these other serum proteins.

  • Ligand : Recombinant Protein A G fusion from E. Coli
  • Ligand coupling : Epoxy activation
  • Binding Capacity : Minimum 2 0 mg Human IgG/mL resin*
  • Bead Structure : H ighly cross - link ed 4% a garose beads
  • Bead size range : 50 - 150 um
  • Flow velocity : 300 cm/hr
  • Maximum bead pressure : 3 bar
  • Storage : 20% ethanol at 4 - 8 ̊C *Considerable deviations in binding capacity may exist for different immunoglobulins
  • Usage : This material is offered by MicroProtein Technologies, Inc. for research, laboratory o r protein purification purposes
  • Quality : Quality testing is performed at all stages to ensure excellent lot - to - lot consistency. The facility and quality systems are routinely audited according to ISO 9001:2008 Standards