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MPT select CS Protein A Resin

Protein A binds to the Fc region of immunoglobulins through interactions with heavy chain. The binding of Protein A has been well documented for IgG from a variety of mammalian species and for some IgM and IgA as well. Protein A agarose has been used as a powerful tool to isolate and purify classes, subclasses, and fragments of immunoglobulins from biological fluids and from cell culture media. Since only the Fc region is involved in binding, the Fab region is available for binding antigen. Hence, Protein A agarose is useful for isolating immune complexes.

  • Ligand : MPT Caustic Stabile Recombinant Protein A from E. Coli
  • Ligand coupling : Epoxy activation
  • Binding Capacity : Minimum 3 5mg Human IgG/mL resin* at 3 min residence time
  • Bead Structure : Highly cross - linked 4% agarose beads
  • Bead size range : 50 - 150um
  • Flow velocity : 300 cm/hr
  • Maximum bead pressure : 3 bar
  • Storage : 20% ethanol at 4 - 8 ̊C *Considerable deviations in binding capacity may exist for different immunoglobulins
  • Usage : This material is offered by MicroProtein Technologies, Inc. for research, laboratory o r protein purification purposes
  • Quality : Quality testing is performed at all stages to ensure excellent lot - to - lot consistency. The facility and quality systems are routinely audited according to ISO 9001:2008 Standards
  • CIP : Caustic Tolerance 0.1 - 0.5 N NaOH
  • Working pH : 3 - 13